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ATS Accounts and Experians Connect benefits the Residential Rental Industry that includes landlords and property managers.

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No Sign-Up Fees, Membership Fees or Annual Fees! It is our objective to provide you with a tenant screening service that will minimize your risk of fraud and reduce income loss associated with delinquent tenants.

Credit Report Questions at ATS. Learn all you need to know about credit report info, landlord info, credit check information and tenant information.

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Please review our Connect Guide for tenants or our Connect Guide for landlords before calling us.

About ATS
ATS is a Credit Reporting Agency that serves the needs of the Residential Rental Industry by providing fraud prevention tools that target delinquent tenants. Specific areas of investigation include credit reporting, criminal record searching and eviction.Specific areas of investigation include credit reporting, criminal record searching and eviction.Specific areas of investigation include credit reporting, criminal record searching and eviction.Specific areas of investigation include credit reporting, criminal record searching and eviction.

Why use ATS
ATS is an effective tenant screening service that will help you prevent fraud and reduce income loss.

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Report Tenant Pay Habits
Tenant Screening and Reporting Tenant Pay Habits takes the Risk out of Renting.

Canadian Tenant Screening
ATS offers you a complete system that allows you to do a Canadian tenant check which reduces the risk of fraud and minimizes risk of income loss.

Free Tenant Search
ATS Tenant Screen and TVS Tenant Verification Service have tens of thousands of tenant records in their database from over 38,000 landlords across North America.

Landlord And Tenant Information
To help make the relationship easier it is a good idea for both tenants and landlords to know their rights and responsibilities.

ATS Tenant Screen is committed to maintaining the accuracy, confidentiality, and security of your personal information. As part of this commitment, the following Ten Privacy Principles govern our actions as they relate to the use of customer information.

Credit, Criminal, and Eviction reports are some of the most vital tools to landlords when Tenant Screening.

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A comprehensive list of some of the most imperative links for landlords and tenants all in one place.

What We Do
ATS and its Affiliates can assist you in becoming a professional/profitable business entity.

Who We Are
ATS Tenant Screen is

Why Tenant Screening
It used to be that 15-20 years ago a hand shake was good enough to seal the deal in not just tenant screening, but most transactions. People really were as good as their word. In todays society a hand shake just does not cut it.

Fraud Rental Game
Owning or managing a rental property can be a full time job and a full time headache if your landlord business does not have a fraud prevention program, particularly if you get a tenant that has previously played the fraud rental game and has intent to defraud or deprive you of rental fees even before the Tenancy Agreement has been signed.


Tenant Screening
AtenantScreen. provides landlords, property managers and realtors with the reports necessary to help with their tenant verification and screening needs.

Enhance Tenant Rent Application
How can you increase your chances of renting over other rental clients?


Fraud prevention tool
Credit Report - Prevent Fraud by using the ATS Credit Report.

Montreal tenant check
Montreal is a great multi cultural city that attracts people from all over North America. As a landlord you want to ensure that the tenant you are considering for rent is not one of those tenants that play the fraud rental game and use landlords as a revolving line of credit as many transient tenants often do.

Toronto Tenant Check
The fraud rental game is played by tenants in Toronto as well as every other major city across Canada, a Toronto tenant check would assist in minimizing the risk of renting to an identity thief or a prospective tenant that has intent to never pay rent.

Vancouver Tenant Check
Conducting due diligence and knowing who you are turning the keys for your rental property over to, will reduce the risk of income loss and will make you a more profitable landlord. aTenantScreen has a system that includes deterrent and incentive forms along with our tenant screening for Vancouver, British Columbia.

Why was there no Fico Score or no Record Found on my prospective tenant?
The Applicant does not have any credit history that has been reported in the last six months because there were no accounts or trade balances that were active and being reported on which would generate a FICO score Or...