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Prevent fraud and reduce risk of income loss.

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Applicant Verification

It is our mission to provide you with an Applicant Verification screening that will minimize your risk of fraud and reduce income loss associated with high risk tenants. Tenant Screening for your Applicants is simple and easy Sign Up process.

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Minimize Risk

Landlords that want to minimize the risk of renting to bad tenants have a plan that incorporates a due diligence process called tenant screening and also tenant verification. Landlords that want to minimize the risk of renting learn how to run a tenant credit check.

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Commercial Credit Report

With our Commercial Credit Reports and thorough Company Credit Screening we will greatly Reduce your risk of income loss and help prevent the risk of fraud.

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Report Tenant Pay Habits

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ATS Tenant Screen will work hard to provide you with an efficient and effective tenant screening process that will complement your landlord business.

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Tenant Screening

It used to be that 15-20 years ago a hand shake was good enough to seal the deal in not just tenant screening, but most transactions. People really were as good as their word. In today's society a hand shake just doesn't cut it. Tenant screening including...

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ATS Tenant Screening

Tenant Screening is just as important as buying house insurance. Every house owner has insurance to protect against major loss. It makes good business sense then to obtain a tenant credit check and to conduct a tenant background check that includes calling the current landlord to minimize risk of income loss owing to high risk tenants. When you eliminate the tenant screening process, you are playing the rental income loss odds. When you turn the key over to a tenant whom you know nothing about... you can bank on late rent payments, tenant hassles, damaged rental property and many other frustrating elements that bad renters create. Conducting a thorough tenant background check by having an effective tenant screening process, eliminates risk and makes the renting experience a much more pleasant one. Your tenant background check should include a checklist which can be found in the forms section after log-in. Where your tenant screening process is the same for each applicant, you minimize the risk of being seen as discriminatory.


In many instances landlords and property managers risk much to gain a little. They forego the tenant credit check and the rest of the tenant screening process that includes a tenant background check to save a few dollars. The ten thousand dollar question(s) for any landlord should be, is the applicant credit worthy and tenant worthy? If the answer is unknown then there is a potential for huge income loss.


So if the same principle is applied to tenant screening as it is to buying house insurance, then every applicant needs to have a thorough tenant background check.


Why take a risk? Seriously, why take a risk? Would you hire a babysitter for a child whom you nothing about? Right...then you should know who is getting the key to your rental unit.


The difference between credit worthiness and tenant worthiness? Credit worthiness is self-explanatory. Tenant worthiness includes things such as >determining if rent is paid on time>never having been evicted>not having a criminal record for violent offences, for drug trafficking, for sexual offences etc. etc. the list goes on. Make a list of criteria that you want each applicant to meet, then implement it for each applicant. Remember to have a checklist. So you can point to it and say...this is what I use for every applicant.


ATS has one of the best tenant screening processes in the business. It has deterrent and incentive forms which you will learn more about when you obtain a NO COST membership.